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Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about Axxis Software.

Axxis Software's integrated fuel management system helps you grow your customer base, margins and revenue. 

Use our automation tools to:

      • Ensure you always pull supply from the optimal sources, including contracts and your own supply.
      • Optimize your inventory as markets changes, plus how to avoid maintaining too much inventory of slow moving fuel products.
      • Instantly communicate sourcing information to your dispatch department and external carriers, including backup supply options. 
      • Capture data from all your suppliers and sources automatically and accurately in real time.
      • Customize price quotation and notification for customers and prospects.
      • Streamline the fuel ordering-to-delivery process along with dispatch and invoicing.
      • Capture, process, match, reconcile and archive a variety of fuel transactional documents.
      • And so much more! Contact us today to schedule your free demo.