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Boost Your Profits 

In today’s volatile fuel market, maximizing the profitability of every gallon is critical. Download this free webinar and in just 60 minutes, discover 5 areas of your business to focus your efforts:

  1. Reduce fuel costs: Make sure dispatch always knows the best options, including freight, as they source loads. Understand the benefits of a centralized and integrated real-time view of all your sourcing options including contract and delivered costs.
  2. Enhance price notifications: Learn how to use an automated tool for customer and prospect specific quotes and build-up rules with instant delivery via email, fax and mobile devices.
  3. Expedite billing: Quit losing money because you had to go to another rack. Use technology to automatically import the correct fuel price on the customer invoice.
  4. Shrink overhead through automated document management: Do more with less resources -- use secure web portals to provide your customers with better service 24/7, including price quotes, Invoices, Draft Notices, Credit Card Memos and Order Entry.
  5. Eliminate wasted time at terminals: Stay on top of allocations to avoid sending your common carrier or driver to racks without fuel supply.

Download this information-packed, free webinar featuring tips for streamlining your fuel business to boost your overall profitability.

Free Bonus!

You'll also receive a free System Performance Evaluation & Tune Up Report. Get a 60-minute analysis with an Axxis fuel management expert of your current operations, along with customized recommendations to help boost profitability.

Meet the Presenter:

Art King, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Axxis Software

Art King

 Art brings over 35 years of industry and high tech experience, including a unique blend of enterprise software, business management, sales and operations expertise. Prior to joining Axxis, Art was the VP of Sales & Marketing at Slingshot, an ecommerce supply chain management software company, as well as VP of Marketing for the Cedar Group, a UK-based publicly traded enterprise software and solutions provider.


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Axxis fuel management software solutions give you the power to react to market changes in real-time, maximize margins, save time and increase customer satisfaction. Source, buy, sell, dispatch, reconcile and bill more efficiently, reduce manual processes, deliver more quotes faster and accurately match and process a variety of fuel transactional documents.