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Leading provider of fuels and lubricants in the Pacific Northwest replaces in-house workaround with the timesaving Axxis platform

Coleman Oil provides fuel price quotes to trucking fleets across the Pacific Northwest. A few years ago, the company realized their cumbersome data collection and quoting process was inhibiting the best possible customer service.

A Failing Internal System Prompts A Search For A Better Alternative
Coleman’s price collection system exemplified the phrase “all over the place.” Data was manually gathered and entered from several sources and disseminated via multiple platforms, including an in-house tool that constantly crashed.

Coleman’s overall business suffered as a result. Individual customer needs started taking a back seat to data emergencies.

Coleman considered in-house replacements such as a from-scratch rebuild and using their ERP to deliver quotes. Neither option proved viable, so they also reviewed outside vendors. Among several systems vetted, only Axxis Software fit the bill.

Axxis Brings it All Together
Axxis Software provided Coleman with a single source for price collection and put an end to manual entry for price quoting and notification.

Axxis Software allows us to capture pricing from emails, websites and other sources and manage best-buy source pricing in one central location,” says Missy Sarbacher of Coleman’s Price Supply & Analysis team.

Coleman implemented several Axxis Software modules. These solutions transformed Coleman’s sourcing and pricing processes from “all over the place” into “a well-oiled machine” with centralized management.

  • Price Management allows Coleman to check all postings for specific regions and racks to determine the best supply price options to quote to their customers.
  • ContractRite allows Coleman to build specific contracts within Price Management, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • Capture Rite automates the collection of pricing from Coleman’s many sources.
  • PriceRite allows for tailored customer and prospect price quoting, and integrates data with Coleman’s ERP back office system, so customers are billed for what they were quoted.
  • NotifyRite automatically sends customer and prospect quotes.

The ability to use Price Management and PriceRite on an SQL platform is a bonus because it enables custom reporting and analysis per Coleman customer.

In addition to automated quotes, Coleman leverages the Axxis Private Markets web portal to help customers, dispatchers and sales teams find prices and quote history.

Less Time Focused On The Back Office Creates More Time For
Strategy And Customer Delight
Coleman now uses the time they save in gathering and distributing pricing for analysis and strategic planning.

Axxis Software lends a hand there, too. The system makes it easy for Coleman to look at all prices from any region and spot potential trends that would better serve customers. Prior to Axxis implementation, Coleman’s price comparisons were made supplier-by-supplier, which didn’t offer the same insight and made Coleman less competitive in the market.

Coleman’s Axxis system easily lets them review all options for customer rack pricing, freight and margin levels. If they identify a more attractive pricing scenario, they can easily re-position to offer customers better deals, improving their market competitiveness and increasing sales.

Finally, Axxis has helped Coleman Oil increase profits by ensuring loads are sourced correctly by the dispatch department. Axxis provides a detailed quote report to confirm that loads are pulled from optimal sources. This improves margin and ensures the dispatch team knows the best price sources for each customer and site.


Axxis Software

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