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Caught under a mountain of fuel transaction paperwork? 

Download this educational e-Book and learn how automation can help you simplify the tedious and often time-consuming process of collecting, translating and archiving fuel transaction documents. Using technology to get a complete view of fuel movement from dispatch to delivery allows your business to cut costs, save time and shorten the reconciliation and billing cycles. 

We'll break down the 4 key steps involved in streamlining operations, including:

  • Automating the capture of transactional documents, such as supplier BOLs, invoices, credit card memos, EFTs and more.
  • Translating and normalizing data.
  • Auto-matching documents so you can focus only on exceptions.
  • Interfacing directly to the accounting system.

Ready to see how it all works? Sign up for your customized free demo of Axxis Software automation tools.